Risk Harbor

RFC: Risk Harbor Admiral Code

@RedArctic and I believe we need to have some rules and codes for the admiral roles - and we took the lead and put our ideas on paper. Welcome and appreciate all inputs and feedbacks.

Goals of this proposal:

Make sure that

  1. The admirals really serve the protocol and community, and act as evangelists
  2. Only the most suitable community members can serve as admirals - no one has the admiral roles forever
  3. Admirals are incentivised and compensated for their contributions

The Problem:

  1. So far, Admirals’ works have largely been self-directed and un-coordinated

→ We do not really know what is minimally expected of us

→ Admirals can have a larger impact if we can contribute to RH in a more coordinated manner + more communication between us in terms of our goals and priorities so that we can find ways to make our works synergistic

  1. We do not have a formal/informal way of assessing the performance of admirals

→ We don’t really know if an admiral is doing a good job or is just holding that role without contributing to the community

→ I believe we at least need an informal assessment framework for this

  1. We do not have a framework for recruiting and removing admirals

→ Some community members, such as Snek, may be more active and contribute more to the discussion than some admirals

→ Without a framework/criterion to recruit/remove members, we cannot ensure that only the most suitable people are holding admiral roles

  1. Admirals are not compensated for their time and energy commitment - nor are admirals currently incentivised in any meaningful way

→ I believe admirals should be incentivized with locked protocol tokens to ensure the long-term interest alignment between admirals and the protocol

→ compensate and incentivise admirals (especially those who do not have enough capital to farm a certain amount of tickets) regularly to keep us engaged and motivated

Goal/Responsibilities of the Admirals:

The admiral’s goal is to moderate the discord server, moderation is here defined by filtering messages, helping newcomers, notifying higher up admins of problems out of reach, welcoming new users, creating a sense of community.


An admiral shall be proficient in English, be an active community member, and act in good faith of the Risk Harbor protocol


Community members can be rewarded/incentivized for leadership efforts in building the Risk Harbor community. Rewards should be discussed internally and agreed upon before being given out for certain projects.

  1. Submit Proposal & agree on incentives (Off-chain vote)
  2. Build proposal
  3. Rollout and receive compensation

Admiral’s Guideline:

An admiral shall conduct himself in a respective and professional manner while representing Risk Harbor.

Moderation power:

An admiral shall ban/request to ban a user committing a serious offence within the parameter of RH discord’s guideline. The admiral moderating the channel shall report the ban, and provide proof of offence.

Recruiting and removing admirals:

If a member - for an extended amount of time - has demonstrated consistent, active participation in community discussion, contributed valuable inputs in terms protocol development, protocol integration and features improvement, then he/she may be admitted as an admiral subject to a vote from incumbents and team members (super majority).

Similarly, if an admiral - for an extended amount of time - has not demonstrated any contributions to the protocol, then he/she may be removed from the ranks of admirals subject to a vote from incumbents and team members (super majority).

A super majority is defined by a result of 66% or more. A vote should have a minimum duration of 24h. An admiral not able to vote can delegate his vote to a colleague. Votes will take place on the (admiral’s discord channel/off-chain snapshot page).



  1. An idea here would be that we would need to come up with some sort of leveling between admirals broken into buckets of time/work commitment. This is so we could accommodate different time commitments from different admirals. Leveling makes it fairer (possibly?) but open to thoughts here. Once time commitments are understood, then we can move forward with the distribution of work.

  2. An idea here is maybe some sort of monthly anonymous survey from team + admirals to vote performance on each admiral. Open to more thoughts here too though. Some things we would measure are discussion, and bonus points like user growth, integration leads, contribution to project e.g. blog posts, dashboards, etc. In the future though, governance will take over his process.

  3. The North Star metric here is active contribution and other things mentioned in #2. This will be dictated from information received from the point above about the monthly survey. However, I think it’s fine to have a supervoting backstop where we can recruit or remove an admiral in a dire case (say admiral was involved in a scam, or haven’t heard in months, etc.).

  4. We agree with this and will earmark something from the foundation treasury.

Goal/Responsibilities of the Admirals:
What’s mentioned sounds great but also add potential business development/integration leads, dashboards, and external community growth/user onboarding.


We agree that admirals should decide if something should go to a vote. But governance will need to vote on major proposals, grants, and compensation for admirals. This ensures checks and balances is upheld in the project.

Admiral’s Guideline:

Moderation power:

Recruiting and removing admirals:
For now, this works but in the future, governance will have the power to promote and demote admirals.

As always, open to discussion :slight_smile:


:slightly_smiling_face: ty for the inputs

Will comment on points on which I have additional inputs/suggestions.


  1. I agree with the leveling proposal.

This is from IndexCoop, fyi, we can set up a similar design

Goal/Responsibilities of the Admirals:

BD + Integration:
I believe the team will need to have some guidelines on BD and integration, perhaps give admirals some formal roles + mandate, and the team need to ultimately decide how aggressive they want to be at a given time.
Admirals will need more access and information from the team - and perhaps admirals who wish to work on BD + integration can pool our resources together.

External community growth/user onboarding:
Social market campaigns, memes (like spartan to synthetix, i think we need a word that can memeify RH, maybe comfy lol)