Risk Harbor

Cooperation Proposal from AMY Finance

Hi here’s Ryan from AMY Finance, AMY Finance is a lending protocol and is just like Compound but with higher capital efficiency, giving lenders more income while still keep assets safe.

Our protocol finished security aduit by PeckShield recently and we are waiting for Arbitrum mainnet. For security we are under testnet and will have a bug bounty before main net launch.

We will open several pools for lending, including USDC, USDT, DAI, WBTC, ETH and so on. With security audit but still there might potentially be hack. And we would like to keep our users assets safe.

Thus we would like to have cooperation with Risk Harbor and open pools for protection(we would like to include all the supported assets), giving Risk Harbor users more rewards while ensuring our assets’ safety.

We will split out part of our protocol income for Risk Harbor to buy insurance, and give out higher APR for Risk Harbor users. Also we can have some campaign on marketing side.

Once user stake assets in our pool they will get aib token which is a certificate and it’s an interest-bearing token, much like yv-token in Yearn Finance. Thus this mechanism makes it easy to be onboard on Risk Harbor.

Hope we can get further connection and be onboard soon.

Hello @RyanCiz

We appreciate your interest in integrating Risk Habor protection within the ecosystem of AMY Finance, sadly we have decided to move against this proposition. At the moment, Risk Harbor is unable to help new projects launch protected pools. As we move from v1 to v2, we should then be in position to help projects that are their inception phase.

That being said, we hope that AMY Finance experiences a successful launch, and we encourage you to reapply for protection once your platform is fully launched and your TVL has increased.

Thank you for your comprehension and cooperation.

RedArctic | Risk Harbor Admiral

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